Bekki Williams - composer of melodic, emotive, orchestral new-age instrumental music.
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Latest News: October 26th 2014.

Extremes and new synthibitz.
October has been a month of extremes. Extreme hard work at times, and extreme laziness at others! I've been working on the bonus track for the re-issue of Elysian Fields as planned, and that's just about done now. I've also been working on Pure, as well as another piece of music entitled "The Man Who Turned the Sun", but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that one yet. It's not being written for any specific album or project, it's simply something that popped into my head one day.

In other news, the lovely folk at Lemoncake listed me as one of their Featured Composers this month, as well as including one of my works on their At The Movies: Orchestral Drama showreel. Woohoo! Now all I have to do is hope that someone out there licenses it - keep your fingers crossed, folks!

Other than that, I have, as I said, had periods of extreme laziness this month. I've needed a rest to be honest, as I've had flu and a chest infection, so working constantly has been out of the question. I was however well enough to buy another synth. (Like I need another one!) My new baby is the Roland XP-30, which I bought to replace my JV1080. I've had that wonderful module for almost 20 years and it finally died on me recently.

I will be getting my JV1080 repaired at some point, but in the meantime I managed to get hold of the XP-30 at a rather excellent price. Where I'm going to put it though is another matter. I think I need a bigger house...