Bekki Williams - composer of melodic, emotive, orchestral new-age instrumental music.
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Latest News: March 14th 2014.

Yes, I know it's been a while! Sorry about that!
It's been ages since I updated this site, I know. My apologies! It's just been a bit mental here in recent months. Lots of music has been worked on, including several tracks that were sent to (and accepted by) a film/TV library recently - so keep your fingers crossed that they use lots of them, regularly. Someone has to keep me in coffee and pizzas after all!

In other news, 'Mystic' is coming along nicely, and should be ready for release later this year as scheduled, along with the re-issues of Elysian Fields and Shadow of the Wind, which should both be available to pre-order very soon. (I know those two are ridiculously late, and it's my fault entirely - I couldn't decide which music to use as the bonus tracks. That little dilemma has now been sorted. Finally!).

There's also another album in progress. As yet untitled, this one wasn't at all planned. It just seems to be writing itself regardless! More news about this as and when there's anything to report. So far all I can tell you is that it's likely to contain some of the most emotive music I've ever written (even *I* had goosebumps at one point when I was playing some of it back!) and that the first 3 tracks are well underway. Woohoo!

Finally, I've been asked to compose another game score. I'm not sure whether I'll take this one on though, as the deadline is pretty tight and I really need to focus on existing work first. It would be nice to have another game soundtrack under my belt though, so we'll see!