Bekki Williams - composer of melodic, emotive, orchestral new-age instrumental music.
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Latest News: September 24th 2014.

So much music, so little time!
So, September has been a manic month! Apart from apparently having a piece of my music used for a condom advert (!!!) Shadow of the Wind (re-issue) was released, and I'm told that sales are doing really well. Huge thanks to all of you lovely folk who have forked out cash and bought it! Also released was David Wright's fab 'Beyond the Airwaves' and Iotronica's amazing debut 'Of Moons and Stars', both of which are also doing really well. And deservedly so!

Releases aside, I took delivery of a new synth this month - a Korg O1/WFD, courtesy of the lovely Neil 'Geigertek' Fellowes. Neil and I have been speaking online for a few years now and have become good friends, so it was truly wonderful to meet him in person, along with the equally lovely Dean Burnett and Neil's rather ace son Callum, who wears what can only be described as amazing Goth boots (which I desperately want!) Ah, what a lovely trio of men to have in my humble home!

This month also saw me having a somewhat impromptu visit from AD Music's David Wright, who was on his way back from the 'Awakenings' gig in Burton. That visit was also really lovely! Obviously David and I have known each other for many years and get on like a house on fire! He very kindly lent me a load of sound expansion disks for my synths, so now I have synthybitz to the power of, ooh, lots!

I also caught up with the rather wonderful Dave Barker (Asana) who has been a great friend of mine for ages. We haven't seen each other for years, so it was a real treat to get together, especially as Shadow of the Wind includes his excellent remix of 'The Talisman'. I'm so fortunate to have such talented people in my life!

October looks to be an equally exciting month, with the re-issue of Elysian Fields due for completion. Pure is also well underway and on schedule for release this year. In addition, I've been doing a few bits for games as well - to be honest I'm quite looking forward to a bit of time off! Mind you, I'd probably only be bored. Some people are never happy are they!