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News Archives: 2014.

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On this page, you can view all of the archived news articles previously published on this site, grouped by month. Click the links below to expand them and read more. For the most recent news, please visit this page instead.
August 2014: Compilation news. 'Shadow of the Wind' news. 'Elysian Fields' news. 'Pure' News. Blimey!
Excuse my language, but what a bloody month. I haven't stopped! I've literally been glued to Cubase every waking moment. I have however now reached the point where I need to take a short break from music and the world in general, if only to preserve what little remains of my sanity. This gives me the perfect opportunity to take a bit of time out to update this site... and there's a fair amount to report.

First: AD Music have just released an amazing triple album (yes folks, TRIPLE album!) of music, in celebration of the fact that they've been in business for 25 glorious years. I've been with them for most of that time and I'm still there, which I would say is a total testament to how great they are to work with! Anyway, this is a download only album, so no CDs are available, but at under a tenner for 40 tracks, could you get better value for money? No, I think not. All of your favourite AD Music themes are on there, including three of mine. Take a peek and buy yours now!

The re-issue of Shadow of the Wind is also now available to pre-order. The official release date is September 5th, so that's nice and exciting - not least because the start of September will also see the release of another two fab albums from AD. The first is from my 'boss' (but really I would rather call him 'friend!') David Wright, with his new album 'Beyond the Airwaves (Volume 1)'. The second is the debut album from the lovely Amanda 'iotronica' Byrne. I've heard this incredible work and trust me, you *will* want to buy 'Of Moons and Stars'!

This month will also see me complete the mixing and orchestration of the bonus track for the re-issue of Elysian Fields. This one has taken some time because I couldn't decide whether to write something synthy or something orchestral. In the end I settled for something kind of inbetween. I hope you'll like it! Pre-order details will of course be posted here as soon as they're available... in other words, any day now. This coming week is exciting because the final draft of the new cover artwork is being completed - again, I'll post that here as soon as I can.

With that out of the way (along with a whole shedload of game and library music I've been working on - yes, I've been busy!) I will be spending the next couple of months focusing completely on the new album Pure. This one is very, very special to me and I hope that will come across to you when you hear it. I hope to be posting the first few audio snippets in the next few weeks.

For now though - a bit of relaxation! Burn-out is a terrible thing and I have felt myself approaching it lately, big time. So, taking a few days off to nip that in the bud, after which I shall be plunging headfirst into another composing-fest!

Click to learn more about this album.

Click to learn more about this album.

July 2014: Release date for the re-issue of Shadow of the Wind confirmed.
It's taken a while I know, but finally, I can confirm that you'll be able to buy the re-issue of Shadow of the Wind on September 5th, 2014. Pre-order information will of course be posted here as soon as it's available to me, and as is AD Music's way, I would expect that there will be a discount for those of you who order early. So please feel free to do so! Not only will you be bagging a bargain, but you will also be contributing to the "Let's Keep Bex in Pizza and Coffee" fund!

It also gives me great pleasure to announce that the bonus track for the forthcoming re-issue of Elysian Fields is almost complete, so you should be able to pre-order that album as well in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, I'm also working hard on Pure, a brand new album which is turning out to be quite possibly the most emotional and heartfelt work I've ever done. This release should also be available this year. Busy times!

In other news, I splashed out on a mixing desk recently, as my old one (a Tascam M-164), whilst lovely, simply didn't have enough inputs to handle my ever-growing collection of synthy bits. So, it was with a happy heart (and a lot of audio leads) that I recently welcomed  a Behringer Eurodesk SX3282 into my humble home. Yay!

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June 2014: Could 2014 see the release of THREE albums? Yes it could.
It's been a bonkers month. I can't put it any other way. Where to start though?

First of all, in a recent update I mentioned that I'd been accepted by a film/TV library. This month, I'm honoured to be one of their featured composers. Woohoo! Joining me in that list of featured composers are several AD artists, including 'the boss', David Wright. I'm so happy for everyone!

I was also offered the opportunity to play in an orchestra again - first flute, no less! However, whether that will happen still remains to be seen. My agoraphobia may put an end to that one, but I sincerely hope I can overcome it enough to do this. I've missed orchestra work so much over the years, and it's not every day you get a chance to go back to it!

In other news, I mentioned a while ago that there may be a new album ready before Mystic, and that's proving to be true. If you like the more emotional side of my stuff, you're going to love Pure. I don't think I could ever write anything that's more 'me'. Innersense came close, this one breaks down the barriers. Audio snippets coming soon, and in the meantime the tracklisting and sleevenotes are there to see.

And finally, Zahira, the bonus track for the re-issue of Shadow of the Wind, is done. I posted a snippet on Facebook to great reaction... therefore it's good enough for me! Any day now... re-issue! That makes 2 re-issues and a brand new album due in the next few months - so I'd better get the synths on eh?

May 2014: More new arrivals at Chateau Bex!
It's my pleasure to welcome two new babies to my humble studio this month. Having had to sell all of my studio equipment at one point a few years ago, I've painstakingly been trying to build everything back up ever since. This past couple of   years have seen me re-acquire pretty much everything I once had and lost, including this month's purchases of a Korg M1 and a Kawai K4. Woohoo! I always loved both of those synths, and it feels wonderful to have them back where they belong - at the end of my fingertips!
April 2014: New arrivals at Chateau Bex.
This month has seen two new pieces of kit arrive at my humble home. The first was a Korg Krome - a truly lovely synth that I've been hankering after for ages. The second was a Roland D-110 synth module, which I had to get because I loved my old Roland D-10 synth and really missed it when it eventually went. Depending on finances, there may be more new additions in the coming months, the first of which will most likely be a Theremin - I've always wanted one of those! Whether or not I'll ever use it on an album is another matter, but I'll certainly have fun messing about with it - and really, isn't having fun the best part of making music?
March 2014: Yes, I know it's been a while. Sorry about that!
It's been ages since I updated this site, I know. My apologies! It's just been a bit mental here in recent months. Lots of music has been worked on, including several tracks that were sent to (and accepted by) a film/TV library recently - so keep your fingers crossed that they use lots of them, regularly. Someone has to keep me in coffee and pizzas after all!

In other news, 'Mystic' is coming along nicely, and should be ready for release later this year as scheduled, along with the re-issues of Elysian Fields and Shadow of the Wind, which should both be available to pre-order very soon. (I know those two are ridiculously late, and it's my fault entirely - I couldn't decide which music to use as the bonus tracks. That little dilemma has now been sorted. Finally!).

There's also another album in progress. As yet untitled, this one wasn't at all planned. It just seems to be writing itself regardless! More news about this as and when there's anything to report. So far all I can tell you is that it's likely to contain some of the most emotive music I've ever written (even *I* had goosebumps at one point when I was playing some of it back!) and that the first 3 tracks are well underway. Woohoo!

Finally, I've been asked to compose another game score. I'm not sure whether I'll take this one on though, as the deadline is pretty tight and I really need to focus on existing work first. It would be nice to have another game soundtrack under my belt though, so we'll see!