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News Archives: 2013.

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On this page, you can view all of the archived news articles previously published on this site, grouped by month. Click the links below to expand them and read more. For the most recent news, please visit this page instead.
October 2013: Shadow of the Wind re-issue news, production music news, and collaboration news.
It's been a funny old month. As those who know me well will be aware, October is always a bad month for me, in terms of sad anniversaries and other stressful stuff. And, as those people will also know, I battle with all kinds of mental crap at the best of times, but October in particular is the one month that usually has me wanting to throw myself under the nearest bus.

So it's been somewhat ironic that it's been an incredibly productive month! First and foremost, it gives me immense pleasure to announce that 'Zahira' - the bonus track for the re-issue of Shadow of the Wind - is finally done. Yes, really! I just need to tweak it a bit, mix it, and send it off to AD Music (who will hopefully like it enough to release it!) Assuming that all goes well, this means that the album will be re-released as soon as possible. I know that AD Music have a pretty hectic release schedule for the rest of this year, so I can't give an exact release date. But the track is done. Yay, and stuff!

The bizarre thing is, I actually did 4 tracks for this re-release. That's what's taken me so long! And yet none of them were 'right' except this one. I can only hope that you agree with that when you hear it - which will be on the next website update, because by then it will have been tweaked and mixed until I'm actually happy with it... or as happy as I ever get with my work.  That's no mean feat considering that I'm never 100% happy with anything I do!

In other news, I - along with many of my fellow AD Music colleagues - spent a lot of last month editing existing work for a new production music library. Keep your fingers crossed that they accept my (our) work! It could help enormously in terms of finance. Much as it would be wonderful to do music just for the pure love of it, the fact is that I (and every other musician I know) still have to pay rent, heat my home and buy groceries!

I've saved possibly my favourite news until last. Jon Richards and I have been discussing a collaboration for some time now, and it's reaching a point where we're both ready to give it a go. I can't wait for this! Apart from the fact that Jon is a lovely guy, his music is very much like mine in terms of emotion and melody. I really believe that our combined efforts will yield something that's rather special. Watch this space for more news on this!

September 2013: Two new links and a new showreel added. Yay!
It gives me great pleasure to add new AD Music artist Paul Sills and my friend Adam C. Sharp to the Creative Mates section of my site this month. You can learn more about these talented and lovely people by clicking the links given above.

It also gives me great pleasure to finally be able to add a mini-showreel to my Soundtrack Work page. Created by the AD Music team, this reel demonstrates how my music - and not always the tracks you would expect either - works with visual footage. Massive thanks to those involved with its production!

August 2013: Lots of stuff happening at Chateau Bex.
Wow, where to start. There's so much happening at the moment, in both my personal and working life, that it's difficult to know where to begin. I think I'll start with my latest 'baby'.

I recently bought a perfect Ensoniq SQ1+ off eBay for an absolute pittance. For those who don't know, 'Elysian Fields' was written entirely on the Roland JV1080, the Alesis SR16 drum machine and the Ensoniq SQ1+. Shortly after releasing that album, I was plunged into financial desperation, literally - and I had to sell all of those things. Now, finally - after years of saving! - I have them all back. It feels decidedly weird (but wonderful) to have my 'babies' home again.

It also feels great to go 'back to basics' as it were. Sometimes you really can have too much stuff, too many sounds. That said, it's lovely to not only have my original sounds back, but also a load of new ones - and with that in mind I would really, really like to re-do Elysian Fields at some point - keeping everything the same melody-wise, but replacing any orchestral sounds with either the real thing or an accurate sampled representation of them. There should also have been another track (Aphrodite's Lament) but it was never finished in time. So, watch this space!

Secondly, I've been going through bit of an inferiority complex thing lately. Massively! In fact, I wrote on Facebook recently "Going through a bit of a 'confidence crisis' at the mo. As you all know, I haven't written anything serious for ages due to being a mentally weird and depressed git - basically, I lost all motivation and confidence." Whilst that is absolutely true, I've been hugely gratified to know that this isn't something that's unique to me, and that in fact every creative person I know has experienced it! Thanks so much folks, for your invaluable input and encouragement with this!

Thirdly, I have actually been composing... but not anything that's likely to be available to the general public. I've been working on library music. It may not be what you all expect or like, but hopefully it *will* help to pay the rent... which frees up more time for me to write the music you do want to hear.

Fourthly, I haven't forgotten about the Member's Area. This is something I fully intend to implement in the very near future. I've been amazed quite frankly at how many people have signed up to my mailing list recently! If you haven't already done it, now would be a good time to sign up. Subscribers will get 'first listen' on all new music that I write, as well as exclusive music that won't be available anywhere else. I have a few more goodies planned as well, but haven't yet had the time to put the wheels in motion. Bear with me folks, it won't be long.

Fifthly (is that even a word? lol!) The lovely Mick Garlic from Sequences has today put a podcast together featuring only female Electronic Musicians. It's wonderful! I hadn't heard of some of these amazing artistes, to my shame - but the music is fantastic! I'm particularly enamoured with the music of Ryo Utasato - it has so much passion, and is so well produced that I'm positively green with envy! I'm incredibly happy to have had two tracks featured on this podcast ('Ephemeris' and 'A Breath Away'), and would like to thank Mick personally for showcasing the talents of we women. So proud of my Synth Sisters!

July 2013: A new addition to the site is in progress. Woo, and stuff!
Since I'm not actually writing much music at the moment, I thought that this may be an ideal time to do something with the website. Those of you who have known me since Day One (and for your loyalty I am eternally grateful - not to mention bemused! Thank you!) will know that in the 'early days' I used to have a thingy whereby those who had signed up to my mailing list received new and exclusive tracks every now and again.

Unfortunately, this was very short-lived, mainly because I had problems with my web host trying to prosecute me for copyright infringement for giving away my OWN music! Yes, as bizarre as that sounds, it really happened. I fought and fought, and explained the situation, but they would not accept that I was a musician releasing my own work. They simply saw MP3s being downloaded globally and assumed that I was running some kind of piracy racket. I applaud their stance on piracy, but I do believe that preventing musicians from giving away their own stuff is a bit much!

Anyway. Fast-forward a few years. I no longer have those restrictions. At some point I'd like to add a load more features to this 'private area'. Features which at this time I shall keep to myself, since I have no idea if and when I will implement them. But for now, if you'd like a few freebies now and again, all you have to do is put your email address in the 'Mailing List' box on the left. I don't promise loads of updates - but I do hope that the ones you get will be of interest to you. I plan on sending the first newsletter out next month. See you there!

June 2013: A new flute arrives and find its new home!
I was gutted to discover today that my trusty flute has finally become unplayable after many years of service. It needs repadding, replating, a new foot joint and generally a complete overhaul - it would cost a bomb to repair. So imagine my joy when I picked up this a lovely Boosey and Hawkes vintage flute for an absolute pittance off eBay just now. It's the exact same make and model that I passed all my exams on as a teenager - that has got to be an omen!
May 2013: My Muse goes on holiday, but inspiration hits me nevertheless.
This month has seen me back in the saddle as it were, in terms of composing. As I've had some time off from doing this due to decorating the house recently, it's actually taking me a while to get back into the swing of it - I've spent many frustrated hours staring at a blank Cubase screen of late, fervently wishing that my Muse would show up and shower me with inspiration. Unfortunately, it would appear that it's now my Muse's turn to take some time off . Meh!

However, I have been inspired by other things this month, namely some new sample libraries I've managed to get hold of. These include four excellent libraries from Sample Logic - AIR Extended, Synergy X, Cinematic Guitars 2 and Morphestra.

Between the four of them, these libraries cover so many genres that it's like having a rack of synths tailored precisely to my own personal needs! There's lots of electronic and rhythmic stuff, but also some gorgeous pads and several lush and powerful orchestral patches that totally blew me away. Impressive stuff indeed.

Now, all I have to do is write something that does them justice... wish me luck!

April 2013: Decorating woes (I never want to see another paintbrush as long as I live).
April has been another quiet month on the music front, mainly because I've spent most of my time decorating my humble home including the studio. What a nightmare that was! My studio is a tiny, tiny room, and everything is wired up just so, in order to give me the optimal amount of space. So, rather than unwire and move everything (which would have been a logistical nightmare), I opted to work around things instead.

In doing so, I've been contorted into positions previously unknown to man! Coiled around keyboard stands, flattened out under computer desks, standing over synth modules with one foot on the window sill - and all whilst holding a paint roller or brush in my hand. Not fun! Anyway, done now, so it's back to music-making for me next month!

March 2013: A funny old month at Chateau Bex.
It's been a funny old month here in deepest, darkest Duffield. I turned 41. I received some long-awaited good news. I locked myself out of my house and had to shimmy up a drainpipe and pour myself in through a tiny upstairs window. Bracken  developed ulcerated ear canals and has become very well acquainted with the vet, who thankfully he adores. None of this however has anything to do with music, so I shall get to the point!

Freezing weather more befitting an Arctic Winter has put me well and truly in 'hibernation mode', which basically consists of me eating lots of hot, stodgy food and wanting to curl up on the sofa until the sun comes out again. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow. I love the whole picturesque 'ooh look, it's white and pretty and sparkly out there!' thing. However, I'm not a huge fan of sub-zero temperatures, mainly because they stilt my creativity. It's not easy to compose when your fingers are like icicles!

So, not a lot of music has been written lately, although I have done some more work on 'Zahira', the bonus track for the forthcoming reissue of Shadow of the Wind. I've also been toying with the idea of writing an extended - and somewhat epic - orchestral version of 'And She Held the Moon', the original version of which was my contribution to After Midnight, last year's excellent compilation album from AD Music.

The other thing I've been doing a lot of this month is drooling uncontrollably at the thought of the forthcoming Lumina sample library from ProjectSAM. It will probably bankrupt me, but so be it. I absolutely have to have it! I've linked to the official trailer below - how gorgeous does that sound? Want, want, want!

Trailer for 'Lumina' by ProjectSAM.

February 2013: The remastered re-issue of 'Innersense' is now available. Woohoo!
Having sold out again, Innersense has been re-pressed once more. This time it's had a tiny bit of remastering done - just a little boost in volume here and there. Unlike the re-issues of Elysian Fields and Shadow of the Wind which are coming out later in the year, there is no extra bonus track with the re-issue of Innersense - I simply couldn't add anything to it, because it documents a specific time in my life. To have added anything new would have enhanced nothing, and in fact would probably have taken something away from the feel of the music as it stands.

Innersense is by far the most personal album I've ever written. It's also without doubt my best-selling release - it probably sells as well as all of my other albums combined! So if you haven't already heard it, why not pop over to the Innersense page where you can listen to some sound samples and, if you like what you hear, buy the album. You can also see what others have said about the music, by reading the reviews and comments you'll find there. Enjoy!

January 2013: An exciting year lies ahead!
The past couple of  years have been, not to put to fine a point on it, lousy, from a musical perspective. This has mainly been because of continual technological problems, including (but in no way limited to) the constant deaths of my not-so-trusty computers, the constant deaths of my not-so-trusty mixing desks, and the constant deaths of my not-so-trusty synths. Why is it that these things always seem to commit mass suicide right near an essential deadline?

Anyway, dead musical things have been replaced with live musical things (much to the dismay of my ever-dwindling bank balance - well, who needs to eat, anyway?), and in 2013 there will be music. Lots and lots of music. 2013 is the year in which you will see re-issues of both Elysian Fields and Shadow of the Wind, both with bonus tracks. It will also see a re-press of Innersense, although this one won't have any bonus material - nothing could possibly be added to that one, because 'it is what it is'. It still remains my most personal album to date. As such, this one will simply be slightly remastered to boost overall levels a little, so those who have already bought it won't be missing a great deal!

2013 will also see the release of my new album Mystic, which has been a long time in the making not only because of the technological issues mentioned above, but also because of other commitments and my head not being in the right place to compose it. If you liked Innersense, you'll most likely enjoy this one too. It's another highly emotive and orchestral one, but with a touch of fantasy and magic thrown in for good measure.

As if this isn't enough, I'm busy working on a huge (and I do mean huge) library of production music for film, TV and game usage. There will probably be several album's worth of music by the end of the year, and it will be an ongoing project to which I will continually be adding new pieces.

Collaborations will also be a distinct possibility in 2013. It's almost certain that Jon Richards and I will be working together at some point (which is great, as he's such a lovely and talented bloke!) There are also plans to collaborate with AD Music boss David Wright and Prog Rock artist Lee Saunders (which again, is great, as they're such lovely and talented blokes as well!)

So, as you can see, there will be a fair amount of tunes emanating from a small room in Derbyshire this year. I will of course be aided by my cat (who did actually come up with a melody once by walking on my synth - I won't say which track he inspired with that, but it is one of my better selling ones!) and my dog (who loves the orchestral stuff I compose, but hates anything with an analogue sound and leaves the room when he hears it - I may have the world's only anti-moog dog!)

Have a fabulous year, you lot - and heartfelt thanks as ever for your support. :)