Bekki Williams - composer of melodic, emotive, orchestral new-age instrumental music.
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The Music: Solo Albums - Shadow of the Wind.

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Bekki Williams - Shadow of the Wind.
Tracklisting and Audio Previews.
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It is no longer possible to buy this album on CD in its original form. However, it has been re-issued on CD with new artwork, new sleevenotes, and the bonus track 'Zahira'. Click here for more details.
About This Album.
Release Date: 1997  |  Cat. No: AD19CD   |  Total Tracks: 10  |  Total Running Time: 66:43.
Review: "'Shadow of the Wind' is a masterpiece of symphonic electronic music." (Eurock, USA).
'Shadow of the Wind' began its life as the score to a silent movie. Commissioned by BBC Radio Derby's Ashley Franklin to compose the music for the Valentino silent classic 'The Son of the Sheikh', which was to be played live at an exclusive screening of the film, Bekki set to work writing music with an Eastern feel to it. Although the score was unable to be performed live on the night due to technical problems, the music formed the basis of 'Shadow of the Wind', her second solo release.

Tracks from the album have been featured on several compilation albums world-wide. Like Elysian Fields before it, 'Shadow of the Wind', has also been featured on the German Schwingungen CD's. Additionally, it ranked in the top 10 of many radio playlists from both Europe and the USA during 1997 and 1998.

Originally called 'Sirocco', (this name was dropped because of the connotations with the VW car of the same name), 'Shadow of the Wind' continues to receive regular airplay and excellent reviews world-wide. Bekki's favourite track is 'Azmara' - she likes the way it 'flows' and the fact that the melody is, in her opinion, one of her strongest and most memorable.

Although this album in its original form has long been deleted, due to popular demand it will shortly be re-issued by AD Music. The re-issue will feature new cover artwork, new sleevenotes and the bonus track 'Zahira'. Please click here for details.

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