Bekki Williams - composer of melodic, emotive, orchestral new-age instrumental music.
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The Music: Solo Albums - Mystic.

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Bekki Williams - Mystic.
Tracklisting (Audio Coming Soon).
Song of the Stones
Dreams of Lost Places
The Enchanted Forest
Lullaby for a Midwinter Moon
Where Silver Rivers Run
The Rose and the Raven
Keepers of the Flame
The Daydream Tree
Lake of Legends
Nine Candles
Purchasing/Pre-Order Info.
This album will be available to pre-order directly from AD Music at some point in the near future.

Keep an eye on this page to find out when that will be, and also to listen to audio snippets as and when they're uploaded.

About This Album.
Release Date: 2014  |  Cat. No: TBA   |  Total Tracks: 10  |  Total Running Time: TBA.
'Mystic' will be Bekki's fifth solo release. This is an album that, even in its unfinished state, is full of otherworldly and ethereal beauty, heightened by Bekki's innate sense of melodicism and trademark orchestral flourishes. 'Mystic' promises to be one of her most accomplished and emotive works to date, and is set to become a firm favourite amongst her fans.

Combining electronic, acoustic and vocal textures, 'Mystic' contains some of Bekki's most memorable, haunting and heartfelt melodies to date. Like Innersense before it, this album is intensely personal and full of emotion.

Although this album is still in progress, Bekki already has a favourite track - 'Lullaby for a Midwinter Moon'. This could of course change as other tracks are finalised, but for now, this is the one she likes the most.

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