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About Bekki: Your Questions.

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Do you think it's too easy for people to make albums now, with all the cheap softsynths that are available?

Hi Mick! Actually, I think it's great that people can make music relatively inexpensively and without the need for a rack full of modules nowadays. Let's face it, making music is fun! Also, I firmly believe that real talent will always shine through, no matter how much or little gear an artist has at their disposal - someone with no talent and a load of softsynths will always sounds like someone with no talent and a load of softsynths, but hey, if they're enjoying themselves, what does it matter? Personally I love softsynths and use them all the time, but that said, for me, the problem is that there's just too much choice. That in itself can get in the way of creativity sometimes.

For example, there are literally millions of sounds available these days, which is all well and good apart from the fact that you can spend so long auditioning all of those sounds that you end up with no time to actually compose anything. Also, with so many wonderful 'ready-made' sounds to choose from, it can make for complacency and a reliance on presets that just wasn't heard of years ago. I think that this is a real shame, because originality only ever comes from doing your own thing rather than having everything handed to you on a plate.

I was at your concert at the Space Centre, it was magic! Are you doing any more concerts in the future?

Hi Roy! I don't have anything planned, as over the years I've become increasingly reclusive. In the unlikely event that I do play live again in the future, dates are usually posted on my web site as soon as they're confirmed, so it might be worth bookmarking it and checking back every now and again. Dates are also sent out via the mailing list, so do feel free to join that too if you'd like those and other bits and pieces delivered to your inbox.

If you could have written the score for one movie, what would it have been and why?

Hi Peter! It would have been the score for 'The Crow', definitely. However, Graeme Revelle did a fantastic job with that score, and there's absolutely no way I could have equalled that, let alone improved upon it. The main theme still brings me out in goosebumps whenever I hear it.

Do you think you will ever write music with lyrics, i.e., actual songs?

Hi James! I already have, several in fact. But I'm signed to a label who specialise in instrumental music, so if I ever did anything with those songs they would have to be released either through someone else or independently. To be honest though, I can't see that happening - if I ever write lyrics, they're always really personal.

What is your most successful piece of music?

Hi Marcia! Without a doubt, it would have to be 'A Breath Away' from Innersense. That gets played everywhere! Another one that's doing really well at the moment is 'Ephemeris' from Edge of Human.

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