Bekki Williams - composer, musician and recording artist.
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About Bekki: Your Questions.

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

Hi John! It's impossible to say where I get my inspiration from really, because the smallest thing could set me off. It could be something as ostensibly minor as a beautiful sunrise ('Amber Dawn'), or something as significant as a deeply personal experience (the whole of Innersense). I can be inspired by pretty much anything if the mood and the timing is right. Inspiration is a fairly elusive creature for me though - hence why I'm not as prolific as I'd like to be.

Have you ever dated another musician and if so what was it like?

Hi Mike! Yes, I have. In fact I'm dating one at the moment (I'm writing this in February 2016). Very interesting it is too, especially given that he is also a synth player! Not to mention a lovely bloke, of course.

Do you prefer playing synthesisers, flute or saxophone?

Hi Andy! I love playing all of them for different reasons. The flute's the most convenient - I can take it anywhere. Synths are great because they're polyphonic, so I can play chords. Woohoo! And sax... well, it's just sexy, ain't it?

Innersense was the result of a painful time for you. Are you over the heartache now?

Hi Carol! Yes, I'm absolutely over it now - and writing Innersense really helped me to reach that point. The whole process of composing it, although painful, was incredibly therapeutic and cathartic in its own way.

What do you think is the best thing you've ever written?

Hi Mark! Well, I'm never 100% happy with anything I do. Seriously, I'm my own best (or worst) critic, in that I pick holes in just about everything I write. If I had to choose a favourite though, it would probably be 'A Breath Away' from Innersense, simply because it's very much 'me'. That one really did come from the heart. Actually, the whole album is very much like that - it's extremely honest and personal music.

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