Bekki Williams - composer, musician and recording artist.
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About Bekki: Up Close & Personal.

Bekki's alter-ego kicks in when she's not writing music. She admits to being an 'eccentric, pagan vegetarian with a twisted sense of humour and a penchant for quirky people'.

As far as bad habits go, she has two main ones: She smokes too much and sleeps too little. When writing music, she can go without sleep for up to 4 days running. During this time she survives on a (very unhealthy) diet of coffee, cigarettes, more coffee, more cigarettes... you get the idea.

Bekki lives in a cosy little cottage close to the beautiful Derbyshire countryside and is kept company by her chocolate labrador,  Bracken, who she adores and who is quite possibly the most affectionate animal on the planet.



She supports various charitable causes, one of which is, perhaps unsurprisingly, animal rights. Other issues about which she feels strongly include child welfare, domestic violence, homelessness and raising awareness for mental illness.

A great fan of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, Bekki loves nothing more than watching the sun come up whilst sipping coffee by the river at the bottom of her garden. Indeed, it is during these times that she finds most of her musical inspiration, believing as she does that there's something magical about watching the world wake up.

When Bekki relaxes and has a day off - which is extremely rare - she does so by watching movies (the sicker the better) or reading (again, the sicker the better). She also loves gaming, and is hopelessly addicted to Tomb Raider. Other favourite games include Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and the Harry Potter games. Talk about diverse tastes!