Bekki Williams - composer, musician and recording artist.
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Nottingham-born Bekki Williams performed her first solo concert at the tender age of 8 and won a scholarship to a national music school at the age of 11. She is an award-winning flautist and multi-instrumentalist who has worked as an orchestra soloist, a music teacher, a backing vocalist, a session musician and a sound engineer, as well as running a commercial recording studio of her own in her younger days.

Her extensive experience within the music industry is evident not only on her solo releases but also in the music that she writes for film, TV, games and other visual and interactive media.

Although Bekki's work spans a wide variety of styles, she is perhaps best known for her melodic, emotive, orchestral new age style of instrumental music. These qualities were first noticed in 1995 by David Wright, who immediately signed her to the AD Music label.

In 1996, AD Music released Bekki's debut album Elysian Fields. The album received glowing reviews, and remains an excellent seller to this day. The following year, Bekki was commissioned by BBC Radio Derby’s Ashley Franklin to compose a score for the Valentino silent classic 'The Son of the Sheikh. This score formed the foundations for her second release, Shadow of the Wind, which also garnered excellent reviews from around the globe.

Bekki Williams.
Following the release of 'Shadow of the Wind' Bekki wrote very little music for several years, due to a series of personal circumstances which required that she spent her energies elsewhere. During this time however, her music remained extremely popular, and was frequently featured on compilation albums world-wide.

2005 saw Bekki returning to the studio, with the release of Innersense, her third and best-selling album to date. A highly personal project which was never meant to see the light of day, Innersense contains some of her most heartfelt, poignant and emotive work, as well as showcasing her skills as a flautist for the first time on one of her albums.

By 2006, the composition of Bekki's fourth solo album Edge of Human was in full flow. During this time, she also undertook film score work for the Tomb Raider fan film 'Tears of the Dragon'. In 2007, she commenced work on a collection of soundtracks for games developers, while 2008 finally saw the completion and release of Edge of Human.

She is currently working on her fifth album, Mystic, as well as a collection of library and production music for film and TV.